Vox Humana: Charles Tournemire’s L’orgue mystique and the Ordinary Form Mass

In the November, 25 2018 issue of Vox Humana Douglas O’Neill writes about Charles Tournemire’s L’Orgue Mystique and the Ordinary Form Mass ( 1870-1939). It is unparalleled among Roman Catholic organ music; Tournemire had desired to do for the Roman Catholic Mass what J.S. Bach had done for the Lutheran Mass with his Orgelbüchlein. It is a set of 51 suites for nearly every Sunday and select feast days of the church year. Gregorian chant permeates Tournemire’s music, with motives drawn from the appointed proper chants for the day. Each suite consists of five movements: a “Prélude à l’Introït,” “Offertoire,” “Élévation,” “Communion,” and “Pièce terminale”.

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