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Message from the Dean 

It seems a long time since we’ve met. Several of us attended the performance of the Bach b minor Mass at the old South Medford High School. It was a wonderful performance. Before the concert we enjoyed ourselves and some wonderful food at Pomidoro’s on Stewart Ave.

This month we will be hosting 4-6 people from Arcata/Eureka, CA on June 22 and 23. Several of us visited them last June for an organ crawl, and they are coming here to do the same. We will be having a potluck supper for them (and us) at Trinity Episcopal Church, Ashland on Wed., June 22. Please mark this on your calendar and I’ll send you more details as we get a little closer.

That day we’ll visit Trinity Episcopal, SOU, and perhaps First Methodist, Ashland. Then on Thursday we’ll visit First Presbyterian, Medford, St. Mark’s, Medford and perhaps one or two other Medford churches.

Shortly after lunch they will leave for the coast, probably visiting Newman Methodist, Grants Pass on the way. Perhaps some of you are unfamiliar with these instruments. If so, this would be a good opportunity to have an introduction!

AGO dues for 2011/12 are again due. Regular Dues are $92. Senior Dues are $67. If you have any questions, please contact Kayleen at Make your checks out to Southern Oregon AGO and mail them to:

Kayleen Winkler
3121 Dark Hollow Road
Medford, OR 97501.

Unfortunately, this spring I neglected all of the deadlines for election of new officers. I do apologize to all of your members for this negligence. I’ve asked Phyllis Coleman and Suzanne Lang to be our nominating committee. Very soon, they will have a slate of officers. Then we’ll have a few days for additional nominations to come from members. Then we’ll have, by email, the election. Again my apologies.

POE – Portland:

The convention fund board agreed to support the POE in Portland with a donation of $200. One of the chief reasons for us to have the convention fund was to promote educational activities, so these seemed to be a reasonable gift to make. I will be attending the POE as both a teacher and as a representative of the national committee which oversees the POEs, and I’ll be happy to let you know how it all goes!

I am also going to the Boise convention, where I’ll be presenting a workshop on professional concerns. If you have items you’d like me to bring to the attention of the regional or national officers, please let me know.


Local Events

AGO CHAPTER MEETINGS 2011-12June 22 & 23: The Eureka California chapter will be our guests for an organ crawl. The Eureka folks were our generous hosts this past June when we visited them for a very interesting organ crawl. Now, our turn to reciprocate. We will be having a potluck supper for them (and us) at Trinity Episcopal Church, Ashland on Wed., June 22



Hello, AGO Region VIIIDean Jamieson suggested that I contact you. I had inquired as to how to best get the word out to AGO members about two harpsichords which are for sale, one of which is owned by Cornish College of the Arts. He suggested I contact you in order to get the information to your newsletter editors. If you could publish the attached information in your newsletters, or forward this to your newsletter editors, I would greatly appreciate it. I will also copy the information below, in case there’s a problem with opening the attached document.Thank you very much!

All the best-
Jillon Stoppels Dupree
Harpsichordist, Cornish College of the Arts faculty

Harpsichords for Sale

Beautiful German-style, double-manual harpsichord, 8’,8’,4’, buff stop.

Hand-carved keyboard, range GG-d3; transposable.

Finished by David Calhoun, from Zuckermann “Vater” kit, ca. 1990.

Resonant, focused sound; perfect for Bach, and all solo repertoire; also great continuo instrument.

Premium cherry case; detachable screw-in legs.

Excellent condition (recently revoiced, regulated)

Used in recital by Byron Schenkman; owned by Judith Lipton.

Asking price: $12,000. Excellent price for a fabulous instrument.

Contact: Jillon Dupree:, tel: 206-322-6462

Large, single-manual harpsichord, 8’,8’,4’, buff stop; range GG-g3

Possibly built by Glenn White (Seattle), with Lutz Bungardt action parts

Needs regulation, possibly new plectra, but no structural work required

Owned by Cornish College of the Arts

Asking price: $2000 (a great bargain for someone who can arrange to have regulation/voicing work done on it, estimated to cost approx. $1500)

Contact: Jillon Dupree:, tel: 206-322-6462





SPECIAL (over 65 or under 21 or disabled): $67

FULL-TIME STUDENT (with school ID: $37

PARTNER (2nd member at same address, no TAO): $67

DUAL (paid to second chapter): $36

STUDENT DUAL (paid to second chapter): $15




Residing in U.S.

AGO Subscriber (TAO subscription but no chapter affiliation): 1 yr, $60, 2 yrs, $110, 3 yrs, $156

Outside of U.S. 1 yr $78, 2 yrs $144, 3 yrs $204

CHAPTER FRIEND (No TAO, chapter participation only)
1 yr $78, 2 yrs $144, 3 yrs $204

If you’d like to become a member of our chapter, please contact Kayleen Winkler: 3121 Dark Hollow Road, Medford, OR 97501, 541-772-4680



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