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Message from the Dean

Dear Potomac AGO Chapter Members, Friends, and Observers,

Welcome one and all who are visiting our website either for the first time or as a welcomed returning searcher.  

I am honored to serve as Dean of the Potomac Chapter and to work with a collegial board to bring programming and events to you that enrich our experiences as musicians in the church and that provide outreach to the community at large.  

When I served as SubDean for the last two years, I was delighted to enable and encourage the collegial interaction between the three chapters—District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Potomac (ours).  I have watched relationships continue to grow. I have participated in coordinating the events that bring us all together—we all benefit as we can draw from a wide breadth of knowledge and experience. Of course, we at Potomac sponsor our own events as well.

As we move forward, we continue to engage events and programs that appeal to a wide variety of people and interests.  Please keep in touch with this website for updates on events as they come along.

If you are a member of Potomac—great!  If you are not and you wish to join, please go to the pull-down for membership and join us!  We would welcome you to our chapter gladly!

The Potomac board is a dedicated board that works diligently throughout the year.  The members have a wide variety of experiences, all the way from the newer organist to the organist with many years of experience.

I, personally, have really enjoyed the collegiality and congeniality that I have experienced since joining the Potomac Chapter and I would hope that your experience would be the same if you joined.  

I would be delighted to meet you at an event.  Please make sure to introduce yourself and perhaps share some of your thoughts with me.  


Brenda J. Weiser, Dean


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Local Events

AGO Chapter and Church Programs

Stay-tuned for this season’s programs and announcements!

October 14, 2018

On Sunday, October 14, 2018, at 5:15 PM, Erik Wm. Suter will be our guest organist for PipeSpectacular,
2018. This year’s event (led by Potomac Chapter and supported by DC and NOVA Chapters) will be held
at the National Cathedral, 3101 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20016. Parking in the garage and
around the Cathedral is free on Sundays. There is a donation of $10.00 requested. Please go to https://
cathedral.org for more information. This is a TriChapter event, Potomac Chapter is the host this year.

November TBA 7:30 p.m. Sunday November 25, 2018
January 7, 2019 12th Night Celebration and Dinner at All Saints Episcopal Church, 3 Chevy Chase Circle,
Chevy Chase, MD 20815, 6:30 p.m.—rehearsal—singers are attendees; 7:15 p.m.—service: 7:45 p.m.—
dinner This event is sponsored by Potomac Chapter with DC and NOVA invited.

Heel and Toe, the newsletter of the Potomac Chapter of the American Guild of Organists,
is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.
Deadline for the December 2018 issue is November 10.
Submissions may be sent to the Editor electronically:
Carl Schwartz ruxtoncar@aol.com




Dean Brenda Weiser 301-639-4396 brenda.weiser@me.com

Co-SubDeans Ann Bartlow  301-525-4026 annbartlow@comcast.net,

John Widmann 301-788-2806 jwidmann@yahoo.com

Secretary Deborah Kijak-Hess 301618-3448 deborahkijakhess@hotmail.com

Treasurer Gerald Piercey 301-642-2809 organtuner@aol.com

Registrar Clarice Snyder 240-417-5873 musicjs1@gmail.com

Hospitality Carl C. Schwartz 301-236-0315

Heel & Toe Editor Carl Schwartz ruxtoncar@aol.com

Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ed Kelaher edkelaher@aol.com

Members at Large

Class of 2019 

Carl C. Schwartz ruxtoncar@aol.com 301-236-0315,

David McCahan DFMc37@gmail.com 301-345-5465

Class of 2020 

Emily Koons emilykkoons@gmail.com 301-788-0337

Ann Timpane atimpane@columba.org 301-654-7767

Class of 2021

Michael Hart michael@hartorgan.com 301-613-1400

Mary Ann Willow 301-424-6523 mwillow@verizon.net

Potomac Organ Institute:

(POI) –www.potomacorganist.org

TEACHERS:  The Potomac Chapter makes no claim or representation regarding the skills or qualifications of any of the listed individuals. Determination of same is the responsibility of the party engaging their services.

Karen K. Bartman 202-213-6895

PIANO & ORGAN kbartman@starpower.net

Carolyn Booth 301-963-1353

Jane Bowie 410-859-0020
General Music jbowie7@verizon.net

Carol Dennis 301-216-5057
PIANO,ORGAN JeroDeni@comcast.net

Jeffrey J. Doenges 301-571-1711
PIANO, ORGAN jjdoenges@aol.com

Emily Koons Primary Cell 301-788-0337
PIANO Home 410-346-7161 emilykkoons@gmail.com

Kenneth Lowenberg 301-299-8765
Organ, Theory, Composition kenlowenberg@verizon.net

Serena Moore 301-499-8818

Linda J. Pannebaker 301-572-7274
PIANO lpannebaker@gmail.com

Jeffrey Pannebaker 301-572-7274
ORGAN,THEORY jpannebaker@email.com

Peter John Patente 301-449-6394

Elizabeth D. Schneider 301-408-3839
PIANO CELLO MUSIC THEORY dscmusicstudio@gmail.com

Clarice Jane Snyder 240-417-5873
PIANO and ORGAN musicjs1@gmail.com

Kitty Yang 301-717-4120

Organ, kittychitiyang@jhu.edu


This is a list of persons who have indicated a desire to be called for substituting at church services. No specific qualifications are implied by their inclusion on this list. There are individuals on this listing that may still be in the learning phase of their career and the Potomac Chapter has no knowledge of their capability to serve as a substitute. The employer is responsible for determining that a substitute will adequately meet the needs of the church.

Abbreviations: O – Organist, D – Director, OD, Organist/Director, H – Handbells, L – Liturgical Services, NL – Non-Liturgical Services, S – Synagogue, DC – Available in DC, MD – Available in MD, NV, available in VA

Karen Bartman 202-213-6895
O D OD H DC MD kbartman@starpower.net

Susan S. Burkhalter 301-946-1077

O D OD HB L NL NV DC MD scastlekep@aol.com

Judith Daffer 410-381-2014
O D OD L NL DC MD juude@aol.com

Donald P. Chandler 443-924-8264

O OD L NV ddpctuner@aol.com

Donald R. Hague 301-989-9317
O OD L DC MD haguedon@aol.com

Kristi Johnson 301-897-5631
O L NL DC MD kokar80@verizon.net

Kathleen Kohl 301-236-4245

O L MD revkkohl@verizon.net

Richard Lalumondier 301-987-2685

Becky J. Lee 301-963-4788
O D OD HB L NL NV DC MD beckylee4music@verizon.net

Kenneth Lowenberg 301-299-8765 Weddings and funerals only
O D OD HB L NL NV DC MD kenlowenberg@verizon.net

Lisa Norfrey 434-806-2322

O L NV lisa.norfrey@gmail.com

Linda Pannebaker 301-572-7274
O OD H L NL NV DC MD lpannebaker@gmail.com

Clarice Snyder 240-417-5873

O OD L NL NV DC MD  musicjs1@gmail.com

Eleanor Timberlake nlt919@verizon.net
O L NL NV DC MD 410-730-3222

Jason West 202-413-0147
O D OD H L NL S NV DC MD jasonkentwest@outlook.com

John Widmann, 301-788-2806, jwidmann@yahoo.com

O or D or O/D, H, L or NL, only in MD, preferably in Northern Montgomery, Rockville/Potomac and North.

Ingrid Williams 410-730-7038
O OD HD L MD Iwill37512@aol.com

Dale Voelker 630-267-4314

O L NV d_voelker@hotmail.com













Positions available:





(none at this time)



(none at this time)


Employers and job seekers are invited to post and search listings of available positions on the Guild’s National Website.


The AGO offers examinations for certification for organists and choral directors.   Potomac Chapter member Kenneth Lowenberg offers lessons for study toward these examinations.   Please contact him at kenlowenberg@verizon.net.


Potomac Organ Institute

See the link below for current news and details.



Potomac Organ Institute (POI) –www.potomacorganist.org

DiGennaro-Hart Organ Company 301-320-4700

David M. Storey, Pipe Organ Service 410-728-8106

R. A. Daffer Organs 301-953-2671

Austin Organs, Inc.
Carl Schwartz, Regional Representative 301-236-0315

Lewis & Hitchcock Organs 301-931-2374

Levsen Organ Company 410-768-9557

Reuter Organs 785-843-2622

Cornel Zimmer Organ Builders 1-866-749-7223
mail@zimmerorgans.com www.zimmerorgans.com

Foxes Music 703-533-7303


Jordan Kitt’s Music 800-466-9510 x 1259

Amy Taylor Harpsichords 301-530-4480

Central Pipe Organ Service 540-636-9680

Cantor Organs 800-357-4545

Mason & Risch Vocalion 703-330-1573

Acoustical Consulting Services
neil@akustx.com www.akustx.com

Stiner-Reck Incorporated 502-634-3636

Hilbus Chapter Organ Historical Society

AGO National website