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A wonderful rehearsal on the 18th of September.  Thanks to all the singers and directors who made this a really good first rehearsal.  Our next rehearsal is Friday, October 16th at St. Paul’s Lutheran, Beachwood.  Hope to see you there.



Hello to all singers, directors, accompanists and very interested musicians!
We know you are familiar with the American Guild of Organists and the annual Choir Festival.  This will be our 37th year. We look forward to singing together as we prepare for this Festival.  We are again very pleased to present the Festival at Christ Episcopal Church, Washington Street, Toms River, NJ.  The date is Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 4:00 PM.
Rehearsals are listed here: Please make every effort to attend every rehearsal. There will be sectionals as well as full rehearsals.  The best preparation for this Festival is to have rehearsals which give singers, directors and accompanists the security of knowing every note, phrase, and nuance of each piece.  Good preparation will improve our performance.
*    Friday, September 18, 2015 at First Church of the Nazarene, Toms River 7:00 PM.  This is a full run-through rehearsal.
*   Friday, October 16, 2015 at St. Paul Lutheran, Beachwood, 7:00 PM.  This is a sectional rehearsal.
*   Friday, November 13, 2015 at St. Paul Lutheran, Beachwood, 7:00 PM. This is a sectional rehearsal.
*     Saturday, January 16, 2016 at Christ Episcopal Church, Toms River 9:30 AM. This will be a sectional rehearsal or it may be a full rehearsal, depending on previous rehearsals.
*    Saturday, January 23, 2016 at Christ Episcopal Church, Toms River 9:30 AM.  This will be a full rehearsal.
*    Friday, January 29, 2016 at Christ Episcopal Church, Toms River, 7:00 PM. This is the final and mandatory rehearsal.
*    Festival Sunday, January 31, 2016 at Christ Episcopal Church, Toms River. Call time is 2:30 PM.  Festival 4:00 PM.
As with past Festivals, Young’s Music has offered us a 25% discount on Festival music.  Their phone is 1-800-628-6204.  The list of anthems for this Festival is on the reverse of this letter.
If you have any questions, please call Barbara Taranto, 732/349-2189 or Sara Hoey 732/295-9485.
Hope to see you all on the 18th of September.  Please order your music early!
Barbara and Sara


DIDN’T THE LORD DELIVER DANIEL by Emerson,  SAB 40326168        $1.90

SANCTUS and BENEDICTUS by Gounod SATB  50294300                         $1.90                                    (Young’s has 200+ used copies)

HOLY, HOLY, HOLY  by Forest  SATB  LOR10-5008                                 $2.05

SOON AND VERY SOON by Crouch/Schrader  SATB  HOPGC952            $2.10

DWELL IN THE LIGHT FOREVERMORE by Lloyd Larsen  SATB               $2.05                        LOR10-4400

I BELIEVE by Mark A. Miller  CGA 1310                                           $2.25

I SING THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD by Watts/Page SATB                     $1.95                   LOR10-4397

HE LOVED ME by Holck./Fettke SATB   AN2547                             $1.70                                                          (Young’s has 17 used copies)                        (Lifeway 9780834191105)

RIVER IN JUDEA by Marcus Feldman  SATB                                                 $2.25                          Shawnee Press  A 1911 (35018430)

HALLELUJAH, AMEN from Judas Macabeus by G. F. Handel                        $2.25     Schirmer 50303460            (Young’s has 100+ used copies)

LIFT HIGH THE CROSS by Joel Raney (introit, bells, organ, choir)
Choir sings from printed page to be given out at first rehearsal

GO TO DARK GETHSEMANE by T. Tertius Noble                                       $2.25      W. Gray Co. 1946   No. GCMR 501  (Youngs has 300+ copies used)

If you order used music, the cost is $1.00 and no discount.



St. Pio in Lavallette is presenting a Night at the Opera on August 27th at 7:30 PM in the church.  Many fine musicians are taking part, as well as the Showcase Strings and 5 soloists.  St. Pio choir and friends are the choruses.  The admission is free.  There will be a free will offering taken.  Please bring a friend and enjoy the program.  A narrator will present information concerning each of the arias and the opera stories behind the music.  It is a wwonderful program. 

Elsie Madsen Fischer was the founding dean of our chapter.   She was dedicated to church music, supported a number of community music organizations, and nurtured the talents of many organ and piano students. She is fondly remembered by all who knew her.
The purpose of this grant is to provide funds for organ studies which will build the skills of church organists. Some examples of the kind of organ studies suitable for receiving this grant are an organ course for credit at a college; an organ-centered workshop, conference, or seminar; preparation for an AGO certificate; and a defined number of private organ lessons.
                An applicant must be an Ocean County, NJ resident or a member of the ocean County Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.
                To apply, submit the following information by February 1st to Dean Sara Hoey at saritavepoint@comcast.net :
What is the organ studies plan?
When do you expect to start and finish the plan?
What is the estimated cost of the plan?
What church music experience have you had?
What previous organ studies have you completed?
Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address.
In addition, you will need to audition for the committee. Plan to play a hymn and an organ composition of your choosing.
You will also be required to submit 3 written references. Each reference must include the referring person’s name, address, phone number, and email address; it should include a statement explaining how the referring person knows you, as well as offer comments on your character and musical ability.
Amount of Grant
The amount of this grant will vary according to available funds. It should be no more than 10% of our chapter’s account balance on February 1st , plus any donations dedicated to this grant which have been received by the chapter.   The amount of this grant will not exceed the estimated cost of the proposed organ studies. More than one award may be given in a calendar year if enough funds are available.
world-class interest:

The first link below is to an article regarding NY Philharmonic conductor Alan Gilbert’s announcement that he will leave the NYPhil in 2017.  Of course there is much buzz regarding who will take his place.  But there is also much discussion of the renovation of Avery Fisher Hall, beginning in 2019, where the Phil performs.
The article references the importance of the acoustician, and additional musical considerations such as where pianos are stored, how long it takes to move a piano onstage, and… the inclusion of a pipe organ in the concert hall.

The next link is to an article from the New Yorker, which discusses the pipe organ in Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) in regard to the general resurgence of organ music in the concert hall.   This pipe organ is a real visual and aural treat, reminding us how a pipe organ can set apart a concert hall from any other.  But it must be a part of the initial planning of the hall’s construction and acoustic considerations.

Kind regards,
Ocean County College (Toms River): Organ Instruction

OCC offers Applied Music instruction – individual instruction for all instruments and voice types.  Dr. Josh Melson is the organ instructor, and OCC organ lessons are taught from the Presbyterian Church of Toms River (1070 Hooper Avenue).  This may be of interest to beginner organists (including pianists who would like to learn the organ), or organists who would like to strengthen technique, musicality, refine service playing, or work toward AGO certification.  The student registers for MUSC-120 (Applied Music), and receives fifteen 30-minute lessons per semester (one 30-minute lesson per week).  Semesters run from September through December, and from end of January through mid-May.  For an Ocean County resident, the current cost of one OCC Applied Music organ lesson is $20 – for exact information please refer to the current tuition and fee schedule found at  www.ocean.edu.  Lesson times are scheduled individually and conveniently between instructor and student.  For more information please contact Karin Gargone (kgargone@ocean.edu or 732-255-0400 X2109), or Josh Melson (jmelson@ocean.edu or 732-349-1331).

Ocean County College (Toms River): Associate of Arts Degree in the Performing Arts
This is a two-year degree in music and/or dance and/or theater.  Students of this degree may take a combination of courses in all three areas, or focus on the area(s) of their own personal interest.  Of interest to musicians would be the opportunity to obtain a two-year Performing Arts degree with a focus on music courses (music theory, ear training, history, applied music, etc.).  For more information, please contact Karin Gargone (kgargone@ocean.edu or 732-255-400 X2109).

                                  HAZEL BLAKELOCK ORGAN SCHOLARSHIP

Application for the Hazel Blakelock ScholarshipUp to $2,000 each year will be awarded through the Ocean County Chapter of the American Guild of Organists and First United Methodist Church of Toms River, NJ. This scholarship will be given to a junior or senior in college or a graduate student who is pursuing a music degree with an organ concentration.To qualify for this scholarship, you will need to appear for an interview. You will also need to play two organ compositions of your choice in contrasting styles, for example, a work from the Baroque era and a work from the twentieth or twenty-first century.The deadline is April 1st for submitting the completed application with the requested documents attached. Please send them to Dean Sara Hoey, 803 Hastings Lane, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes for success in your studies.
1. Please give your contact information here.
Home Address
Email Address
Phone Number (include cellular number if applicable)
2. On a separate sheet of paper, describe your post-high school education (include year, name and address of each school, and music courses completed). Attach a transcript for each school attended.
3. On a separate sheet of paper, describe your experience in sacred music (include year, name and address of each church or other organization, your title, and your responsibilities).
4. List the contact information (name, address, email, and phone number) for three references.

Peggy Bendel —-pbendel[@]verizon.net
Timothy Brendler —-seashoretim[@]hotmail.com
Louis Castano —-luigi2319[@]aol.com
Barbara D’Ippolito —-bobandbarb1985[@]verizon.net
Ruth Ann Diaz —-jrchimo[@]aol.com
Karin Gargone —-kgargone[@]ocean.edu
Esther Graham —estrgraham[@]outlook.com
Thomas E. Halpin —thalpin{@}stjosephtomsriver.org
Ernest F. Hamilton Jr. —-efhamiltonjr[@]aol.com
Harold Hawkes —-hhawkes141[@]comcast.net
Sara Hoey —-saritavepoint[@]comcast.net
Ron W. Howell —-no email address
Bernice Kephart —-bkzipo22[@]aol.com
Dee Lepley —-billdee3[@]comcast.net
Alfred Mangino—-safeman228[@]yahoo.com
George Markey —-gemtype[@]aol.com
Don McFarland—donaldmcfarland[@]verizon.net
Josh Melson —-joshm[@]pctr.org
Jan Mercadante— sinaj894[@]gmail.com
Jack(Ernest)Milkovitz —-jmilkovitz[@]comcast.net
Polly L. Moore —-pollylmoore[@]verizon.net
Jan Niemann —-musicaljan1[@]aol.com
Phyllis Scardena —-scar345[@]comcast.net
William Shoppell —-billpat2[@]optonline.net
Barbara Taranto —-MOMDADTR[@]AOL.COM
John Thorn —-organman59[@]aol.com
Christine Urban —-music201[@]verizon.net
Pamela Unger—- inharmony2[@]comcast.net
Barbara Wheeler –barbara.wheeler[@]louisville.edu
Sara Wittekind —-swittekind10[@]verizon.net

Please contact these members directly via
the email addresses listed
Peggy Bendel – Organist – Monday-Thursday, Saturday
Louis Castano – Vocal soloist – Sept-May
Ruth Ann Diaz – Organist
Karin Gargone – Organist – Saturdays only
Esther Graham – Organist
Polly Moore – Vocal Soloist, weddings and funerals
Bernice Kephart – Organist – weddings and funerals
Barbara Taranto – Organist/Choir director
Christine Urban – Organist and vocalist any time

Since Ocean County is one of the fastest growing counties in NJ, we know that there are many musicians who are moving into our communities. If you are an organist, conductor, pianist, singer or music minister, we invite you to join our chapter and participate in the planned activities of O.C. AGO.
To add infomation to our web site, contact Barbara Taranto MOMDADTR@AOL.COM

DEAN – Sara Hoey, saritavepoint[@]comcast.net
SUB DEAN – Bernice Kephart, bkzipo22[@]aol.com
TREASURER – Barbara D’Ippolito, bobandbarb1985[@]verizon.net
’12 Ernest Hamilton efhamiltonjr[@]aol.com
’10 Jack Milkovitz Jmilkovitz[@]comcast.net
’11 Christine Urban music201[@]verizon.net
FESTIVAL COORDINATORS – Barbara Taranto, Sara Hoey



www.cpdl.org (Choral Public Domain Library)
AGO National website