Canton Chapter

Notes from the Dean – The Canton AGO Celebrates 65 Years!

Anthony Montagno

Welcome back to this very special season of the Canton AGO as we celebrate 65 years of sharing knowledge and inspiring passion for the organ in the Canton and surrounding communities. To celebrate this milestone, the programming for this season will have a focus on highlighting outstanding local musicians and experiences. You will especially not want to miss our 65th anniversary celebration in March! So start digging out your old programs, photos, and stories to be included in the 65th anniversary event and display.

In addition to the talented local musicians that will be performing for us, this is a great season to share your musicianship, as there will be opportunities for members to perform in the January and February meetings. It’s never too early to start thinking about repertoire for these events! Also, if you are a former dean of the Canton AGO, or would like to collaborate with a former dean, there will be a special opportunity to perform in the March Anniversary Meeting!

Lastly, we will experience a number of wonderful Northeast Ohio instruments both from our featured local organ builder, the Schantz Organ Company, as well as those on our 2nd bus trip to Cleveland. Stay tuned for more details!

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