2018 AGO National Election Official Results

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the 2018-2020 National Council and Board of Regional Councillors: National Council, 2018-2020 President:  Michael Bedford, DMA, AAGO, ChM Vice President/Councillor for Competitions and New Music: Eileen Hunt, DMA, AAGO Secretary/Councillor for Communications: Mary Stutz, BS Treasurer/Councillor for Finance and Development: Barbara Adler, DMA, SPC Councillor for Conventions: Michael Velting, DMA Councillor for Education:  Don Cook, DMA, AAGO Councillor for Membership:  David Lamb, DMus, CAGO Regional Councillors, 2018-2020 Councillor for the Northeast Region  Leslie Smith,  BM, MM, CAGO Councillor for the Mid-Atlantic Region Wayne L. Wold, … [Read more...]

May 2018 TAO Cover Feature

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Duxbury, Massachusetts Andover Organ Company • Lawrence, Massachusetts By Matthew M. Bellocchio View an enlarged cover View the Stop List  Duxbury, on the Atlantic coast 35 miles southeast of Boston, was settled by some of the original Mayflower Pilgrims. By 1632, a group including John Alden and Myles Standish left their small Plymouth farms and went north to work larger lots along Massachusetts Bay. In 1637, their settlement, having met the legal requirements to be set off as a separate community with its own church, was incorporated as Duxborough (original spelling), the second town in the Plymouth Colony. Elder William Brewster was the church’s first leader. The church embraced the … [Read more...]

Vote Today for the AGO Leaders of Tomorrow

The governance of the AGO is vested in our National Council, a small cohort of volunteer Guild members elected by their peers. The Council consists of eight voting members including four officers (president, vice president/councillor for competitions and new music, secretary/councillor for communications, and treasurer/councillor for finance and development), three councillors with portfolio (education, membership, and conventions), and the chair of the Board of Regional Councillors (ex officio). With the exception of the chair of the BRC, all of the national councillors are elected by a vote of the general membership. The executive director of the AGO also serves on the National Council, ex officio, with voice but no vote. Leadership of … [Read more...]

April 2018 TAO Cover Feature

St. Paul's Chapel of Trinity Church Wall Street New York City Noack Organ Company • Georgetown, Massachusetts View an enlarged cover View the stop list View a sample week of music-making at Trinity Wall Street From the Director of Music and Arts From my first day at Trinity Church Wall Street, I have urgently desired to see world-class pipe organs reinstalled in Trinity’s three liturgical spaces—not merely our iconic 1846 Richard Upjohn building at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street and its attached All Saints Chapel, but also in St. Paul’s Chapel, Trinity’s second functioning church home dating from 1766, five blocks up from Trinity Church at Broadway and Fulton Street. To my core, I believe that living, breathing … [Read more...]

AGO Young Organists

The AGO has seven regional divisions for young organists to benefit young organists across the United States and foreign chapters. Through Facebook, a community of young organists* who are members of the AGO, are connecting in this virtual community to establish networking opportunities and generate innovative web-based programming. *The AGO Young Organists (AGOYO) was formed to serve as an online Facebook community and promote innovative programming for young organists of the Guild. AGOYO members must be members of the Guild and under 30 years of age. … [Read more...]

A Young Organist Asks: Why go to the AGO National Convention in Kansas City?

Why do we bother having national conventions and why would I want to go? As a Young Organist myself, I know how hard it is to find the time and the money to attend a convention. But this one has my attention. Here are five reasons to attend the 2018 AGO National Convention and four ways to make it happen. 1) Content. You will have the opportunity to attend concerts, workshops, and presentations by world class musicians and scholars. Don’t believe me? Check them out on our website agokc2018.com. 2)  Learning about a new city. Explore Kansas City in the Heartland of the U.S. and occupying space in two different states. You never know where that next job opportunity might come from and wouldn’t it be nice to know a little something … [Read more...]

American Guild of Organists Awarded $25,000 Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts

The American Guild of Organists (AGO) has been awarded a grant by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to support educational programs and career development for organists, choral conductors, and composers in 2018, including the AGO National Convention in Kansas City, Mo., July 2–6. The Guild has received regular support from the NEA since 2005. The $25,000 “Art Works” grant matches the largest amount the arts endowment has ever given to the Guild. “This grant covers the full breadth of the AGO’s educational activities for current and prospective members as well as our programs of outreach to the public,” stated AGO Executive Director James Thomashower. “The AGO promotes lifelong learning opportunities ranging from Pipe Organ … [Read more...]

March 2018 TAO Cover Feature

Christ Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Fisk Opus 150 By Charles Nazarian View an enlarged cover View the Stop List  There may be no city in America more aware of its history and with more passion for architectural preservation than Philadelphia. The Christopher Wren-inspired Christ Church, once attended by four of our nation’s founding fathers, is located in the heart of the Historic District and encompasses the burying ground where Benjamin Franklin lies. Its airy interior is illuminated by arched, multi-pane windows, graced with an elegant barrel-vault ceiling, and composed of handsome Palladian features that visually express the birthplace of our democracy in the ideal proportions of Greco-Roman architecture. At the center … [Read more...]

ONCARD Improvements

Welcome to the ONCARD blog. Please use this space to offer suggestions for improvements to ONCARD. Headquarters will start sending out renewal letters for the 2018-2019 dues year in April. Please let us know of any suggestions you have for new reports or other functionality. Use the comments section below to add in your suggesti0ns. You can also review and comment on suggestions that other members have made. Thank you for helping us improve ONCARD. … [Read more...]

Christopher LaRosa’s Award-winning Monument Premieres at IUP on March 4, 2018

The Carol Teti Memorial Organ Scholarship Committee at Indiana University of Pennsylvania invites you to the world premiere of Monument by Christopher LaRosa.  Monument will be performed on the Porgorzelski-Yankee organ by Dr. James Kibbie, Professor and Chair of Organ and University Organist at the University of Michigan. The performance is scheduled for 3:00 PM– 5:00 PM in the DiCicco Hall, Room 121 Cogswell Hall on the IUP campus.  A discussion with the composer will precede the concert at 2:00 PM. Update: A recording of the concert  is available on YouTube   … [Read more...]