Application to host a Pipe Organ Encounter-Technical (Builder)

Before starting this form, please be sure you have at the ready the following items needed for upload during the application process:

  1. A digital file (.PDF, .rtf, .doc, etc.) of a brief history of the organ building firm making the application
  2. All names of proposed faculty or staff from the firm’s staff
  3. A digital file (.PDF, .rtf, .doc, etc.) of a tentative schedule of activities for your POE Tech
  4. A digital file which is a scan of the “Statement of Approval” signed by the owner/president of the firm. (Form is found on the third page of Section 6.1.2 of the POE Handbook.)

The application deadline for applying to host a Pipe Organ Encounter Technical event was Feb., 15, 2018. Please contact Nicole Marane, Director of the Committee on Pipe Organ Encounters, at if you attempted to complete a late submission.

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