2018 National Election Slate of Nominees

The National Nominating Committee and the seven Regional Nominating Committees of the American Guild of Organists are pleased to submit the following slate of candidates for the 2018 National Council election.

Candidates for National Office



*Michael Bedford, AAGO, ChM, DMA
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Donald Sutherland, MM
Bethesda, Maryland

Vice-President/Councillor for Competitions and New Music

Neal Campbell, DMA
Vero Beach, Florida
*Eileen Hunt, AAGO, DMA

Salem, Massachusetts

Secretary/Councillor for Communications

*Mary Stutz, BS
Williamsburg, VA
David Vogels, CAGO
Greenwood Village, CO

Treasurer/Councillor for Finance and Development

*Barbara Adler SPC, DMA
Ithaca, NY
Jeff Neufeld, DSM
Elgin, Illinois

Councillor for Education

*Don Cook, AAGO, DMA
Provo, Utah
Frank Crosio, FAGO, BM, FTCL
Freeport, New York

Councillor for Conventions

Jason Charneski, MM
New Rochelle, New York
*Michael Veltlng, DMA
Nashville, Tennessee

Councillor for Membership

*David Lamb, CAGO, DMus
Clarksville, Indiana
Sondra Proctor, BA, MEd
Canton, New York

Candidates for Regional Councillor


Great Lakes

*Karl Bruhn, MA, MChM
Batavia, lllinois
Caron Farmer, AAGO, AB, MA
Muskegon, Michigan


Preston Dibble, MM
Morristown, New Jersey
Wayne L. Wold, AAGO, DMA
Frederick, Maryland

North Central

Karen Black, DM
Waverly, Iowa
Michael Elsbernd, DMA
Des Moines, Iowa


Leslie Smith, CAGO, BM, MM
Greenwich, Connecticut
Craig Williams CAGO, MM
State Hill, New York


*Homer Ferguson III, MM, DMA
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Sue Mitchell-Wallace, FAGO, MM
Roswell, Georgia


Bryan Bierbaum
Shreveport, Louisiana
*Vicki Schaeffer, DMus
Norman, Oklahoma


*Matthew Burt, SPC, MA, MDiv, MSM
Palo Alto, California
Kristin Holton Prouty, DMA
Chandler, Arizona

Additional Nominations

Additional nominations for National Offices may be made by petitions signed by at least fifty (50) voting members of the Guild in good standing.

Additional nominations for Regional Councillors may be made by petitions signed by at least twelve (12) members of the Guild in good standing.

Petitions must be received before February 15, 2018, and should be addressed to:

Mary Stutz, Secretary
American Guild of Organists
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1260
New York, NY 10115

Photographs and biographical information on all candidates will be published in the April 2018 issue of THE AMERICAN ORGANIST. Voting members of the American Guild of Organists may cast their votes electronically or by completing and submitting a paper ballot that will be bound into the April issue of TAO. Ballots must be received by the AGO’s independent election management firm by May 1, 2018.

Results of the election will be announced and the new officers installed on July 4, 2018, during the Annual Meeting of the American Guild of Organists in connection with the 2018 AGO National Convention, July 2-6, in Kansas City.

National Nominating Committee

Leslie Wolf Robb, CAGO, Director (2014-18)
David J. Hurd, Jr. (2016-2020)
Crista M. Miller, SPC, DMA (2016-2020)
Jonathan Moyer, DMA (2014-2018)
Kevin Neel, BM (2016-2020)
Frederick Swann (2014-18)

Regional Nominating Committee Directors

Northeast: Lars Gjerde, DMA
Mid-Atlantic: James E. Sivley, SPC
Southeast: Scott R. Ziegler, MM
Great Lakes: Rhonda Sider Edgington, MM
North Central: Gregory Hand, DMA
Southwest: Richard A. Webb, BFA, MFA, PhD
West: Philip A. Smith, BA, MM

Candidates for National Officers and Councillors are chosen by the National Nominating Committee. All candidates for Regional Councillors are chosen by the Regional Nominating Committee that serves each region. Correspondence may be addressed to Leslie Wolf Robb, Director, National Nominating committee, at lesliewolfrobb@mac.com.