New Organ Plus

Welcome to the American Guild of Organists’ New Organ Plus, a searchable database of music for the organ performed with other instruments. This new online version of our popular educational resource will list published works together with links to websites of composers and publishers. The database is designed to provide AGO members with the most up-to-date information on works for the organ and a variety of other instruments. Directions for using the database appear below. We hope to have this online database available soon!

Organ Plus was originally published by the AGO in 1975 and edited by Leslie Pratt Spelman. By 1992, the fourth edition of Organ Plus had been released. This new online version will contain more than 3,000 titles. Jayson Rodovsky-Engquist serves as the fifth-edition editor of the New Organ Plus.

How to Search

Two search screens will be available for searching music:

The MAIN SCREEN may be searched using:
(1) A composer’s last name. If you are unsure of the spelling, try entering just the first few letters that you are sure of (e.g., “Dupré,” “Dupr”).
(2) Instrumentation—the organ is assumed; you only need to type in “other instruments” in the combination you are seeking. (e.g., “violin,” “2-flutes,” “brass quintet”).
(3) The title of the work (e.g., “Prelude in A,” “Fantasia,” “Choral Prelude on Veni, veni Emanuel”).
(4) Chant or Hymntune names (e.g., “Veni, veni Emanuel,” “Vom Himmel hoch,” etc.).

An ADVANCED SEARCH screen will also be available and may be used to search in the following additional fields:
(1) Publisher name
(2) Year of publication
(3) Level of difficulty

Help us Improve the New Organ Plus

We hope that all of our users will benefit from this online database. We appreciate your feedback! If you find misspellings, incorrect, or missing information, please write us at with your corrections. All suggestions for improving this database will be gratefully appreciated.

Publishers: please check your current listings and advise us of errors, omissions, or out of print listings: