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Electronic Organs

Practice Like Bach
2 Manual Viscount Digital Organ, model Canticus 1. 32 note AGO Pedalboard, classic wooden drawknobs, Master Touch keyboard for the feel of a tracker instrument. 3 (80 watt) internal channels for split rank sound (C left channel, C# right etc,).Full MIDI, voiceable and tunable from bench. Up to 6 external outputs Main, 4 Antiphonal. Excellent condition.  Suitable for home or Chapel. Asking $2700. In Mass and available to play. Will e-mail pictures and Specs. Contact Kathy at 978-660-1322 or (posted 7/16/2014)

Hammond A-305  for sale
Hammond A-305 organ for sale, excellent condition. Owner died, I inherited it and don’t know the first thing about organs!! New Jersey. Will throw in lots of sheet music. Asking $4,000 or make me an offer. Peripherals incl. Yamaha MM-6 synthesizer separately available. or 908-769-0636 (eves/wknd). (posted 6/3/2014)

Hammond H-133 Donation
1960’s Hammond H-133 with tone wheel generator. Original owner. Cabinet is French Provincial style and is in beautiful condition. We are moving and instrument must be moved or dumped in the trash. Hate to see that happen! You move from our location in Elyria, OH (west of Cleveland). Email or 440-865-7030 evenings. (posted 3/31/14)

Allen Theatre Organ
Three manual digital Allen Theatre Organ, custom built in Allentown, PA in 1996, Model MDS-317. The organ is in excellent condition. It was built for an organ enthusiast and has only been used in a home setting. Features: Traditional moving stop action; 4 memory capture system; settings can be saved via external MIDI sequencer; on-board voicing controls; built-in automatic rhythm unit; MIDI sustain switch on expression pedal; 4 channels totaling 400 watts RMS, 4 full range speaker cabinets; and many bells and whistles. Width 60-3/4″, height 52″, depth 32-1/2″, depth with pedalboard and bench 54″. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Asking $10,000. For more information and pictures, email (posted 7/16/2014)


Pipe Organs

1964 Hoffmann Tracker Pipe Organ for sale
21 rank (15 voices, 19 stops) tracker action pipe organ, 2 manuals with full AGO pedalboard; see the  specifications. The organ is located at 777 N. Fourth St., Beaumont TX 77701 (Bethlehem Lutheran Church). It is in excellent condition and may be viewed in its gallery location at the church. Buyer is responsible for dismantlement and relocation of the instrument.5-13-2014 010  Price: $50,000, but willing to negotiate. Contact: Chris Richter at 409-842-4301 or (posted 9/3/2014)






Pipe Organ for Sale
We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent condition and is available immediately, only due to a down-sizing of residential quarters after children have left the home. This instrument was built by our firm about 20 years ago and is similar to other instruments we have built, and which are giving excellent service in practice room and small church environments. The action is all-electric with expansion channel, controlled by a solid-state relay.Randall Dyer Organ
The disposition of the ranks is as follows: 16′ Gedackt, Flote, 1-12, electronic, 65 pipes, balance from Gemshorn, 8′ Gemshorn, 85 pipes, 4′ Principal, GG – c49, 42 pipes, 1-7 and 50-61 = Gemshorn. Facade, 70% tin 1 1/3′ Quinte, 37 pipes, top and bottom octaves repeat. Total of 229 pipes. Stoplist— GREAT: 8′ Gemshorn, 8′ Gedackt, 4′ Principal, 2′ Gemshorn, 1 1/3′ Quinte. POSITIV: 8′ Gemshorn, 8′ Gedackt, 4′ Flote¸ 2′ Gemshorn, 1 1/3′ Quinte. PEDAL: 16′ Untersatz, 8′ Gemshorn, 8′ Gedackt, 4′ Principal, 2′ Gemshorn. A picture of the organ is available on our web site.. The organ is 9′ tall x 7′ wide across the face, and approximately 4′-6″ deep with bench. We can provide transportation. Contact  or 865-475-9539. (posted 8/6/14)


Austin Pipe Organ for Sale
For Sale: 22 Rank Austin Pipe Organ, 2 manuals with full keyboard and pedals. The organ is located at 100 West Main Street, Christiansburg, Virginia 24073 (formerly Main Street Baptist Church). The organ is in excellent condition, and you may view it here. Price is $50,000. (The same features built by Austin at today’s price would be $480,000). Contact: Coleen Bane 540 392-9586 or email for more detailed information and stop list. (posted 7/16/2014)


Complete Bach Organ Works
Rare on the market! Four-volume set edited by Alan Ridout (1994). Very good to excellent cloth covered hardbound in box. Special high quality paper, introductory & peformance notes, edited with page turning in mind, multi-volume index for reference. Virtually unused, boxed dry storage for 10 years. Organist hanging it up after 35 years. Reply to for photos & questions. Price $275 (compare!) plus S&H (this is a 22+ pound collection).  Going to open market after this listing, so act soon. (posted 7/16/2014)

Want to Purchase: Concordia Hymn Prelude Series
I would like to purchase volumes of the Concordia Hymn Prelude series: as complete a set as possible. Contact Bob at or 217-549-5006. (posted 7/16/2014)



Flemish 5-octave harpsichord
Beautiful handmade single manual Flemish 5-octave harpsichord with three registers (2×8’ and 1×4’). Constructed from a 1981 Zuckerman Harpsichord kit. Professionally voiced. Asking price $12,000. Located in Williamsburg, VA. See picture here. For more information, please contact Richard Storey at (757) 229-6933 or


Orchestral Parts for choral works and much more
After a 50-year career as a choral conductor, I’m unloading orchestral parts for several choral works, including the “Messiah.” I also have  brass ensemble sets and Big Band. See a list here of the available music. Contact Geoffrey Lutz: (posted 9/8/14)




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