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Electronic Organs

Allen Digital-OrganAllen MD-15 Digital Organ — Mint Condition
This organ that has been used strictly as a home practice instrument. It is located near Allentown, PA. Important features include: two manuals with 38 Stops,  two-channel internal audio, divided expression pedals (Great, Swell, and Crescendo), optional Alterable Voice Card Reader and voice cards, and  MIDI interface. Price: $5,500 (does not include shipping) Contact: Tom Emerson at (posted 12/19/2014)

Allen organ classified ad Dec 31998 Allen AP-3
1998 Allen AP-3 in great shape for sale. The instrument has a lighted music rack and pedal board, melody and bass couplers, as well as two levels of memory. For a stop list and more pictures, feel free to contact Ted Bickish by phone at 386-956-6030 or by email at I’m asking $3900 OBO. (posted 12/3/2014)


Hammond-organ for ClassifiedsHammond Organ Donation
Hampton Roads area, Virginia. We have a 25-pedal, Hammond organ that we purchased in the early 1970s. The housing is in beautiful condition. We have had an organ repair man review it, and he has given us an estimate of $600 to put it into full wonderful working order. We would like it to go to a good home. We will donate the organ as is for free. You would need to arrange to have it picked up before November 15. Please call or email if you have questions. Felicia Boyd, 904-463-1799, (posted 10/1/2014)

Allen Theatre Organ
Three manual digital Allen Theatre Organ, custom built in Allentown, PA in 1996, Model MDS-317. The organ is in excellent condition. It was built for an organ enthusiast and has only been used in a home setting. Features: Traditional moving stop action; 4 memory capture system; settings can be saved via external MIDI sequencer; on-board voicing controls; built-in automatic rhythm unit; MIDI sustain switch on expression pedal; 4 channels totaling 400 watts RMS, 4 full range speaker cabinets; and many bells and whistles. Width 60-3/4″, height 52″, depth 32-1/2″, depth with pedalboard and bench 54″. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Asking $10,000. For more information and pictures, email (posted 10/1/2014).

 Pipe Organs

Skinner-Organ classified 12-22Skinner Organ needs a new church home
Skinner Organ OP. 632 . Installed in Concord, NC in 1927, moved to Highland, IN in 1974. Then church and organist completed some renovation work during install (harp and celeste not installed) including wooden windtrunk and re-leathering of bellows and possibly great division. 1997 renovation included digitizing the organ console (Peterson) and rewiring the instrument. 2012 some renovation work on Cornopean and Oboe. Unfortunately the church can no longer afford to maintain the instrument and it is in substantial disrepair and is in need of a complete re-leathering – all ranks affected by leather problems. Church has purchased a used digital instrument. Instrument available immediately to anyone – best offer for removal. ( Contact church at Serious inquiries ONLY. (posted 12/22/2014)


Freehold organ classified adPipe Organ for sale
The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Freehold New Jersey is selling their pipe organ. The instrument is a Tellers/Austin with some parts of unknown origin. The chests and pipework are predominantly Tellers with some supply house parts added. The console is Austin as are the shades. The reeds may have been made by Trivo but the trumpet may well be Tellers. The Ventus blower is in a side room with the Peterson relay. Asking price: $30,000 or best offer. Please contact Amy Fredericks at 732-682-0660, email or go to our website for more details. (posted 12/9/2014)

Kilgen-organ-installed classified adKILGEN Pipe Organ for sale – Excellent Condition
“Harmonic Ensemble” 4-Rank, 2 manuals, 28 stops, 32 pedals, 2 expression pedals; enclosed pipe organ cabinet (8’ Wide, 3.5’ Deep, 7.9” High), with new blower inside the bottom of the cabinet. Suitable for home, chapel, or college practice room. I am down-sizing, must sell. Price $7,795.00 or best offer. Purchaser responsible for disassembling and transportation. For specifications and pictures, contact: Located in Fort Worth, TX. (posted 11/18/2014)



Randall Dyer Classified Nov 18Pipe Organ For Sale
We are pleased to offer the following organ, which is in excellent condition and is available immediately, only due to a down-sizing of residential quarters after children have left the home. This instrument was built by our firm about 20 years ago and is similar to other instruments we have built which are giving excellent service in practice room and small church environments. The action is all-electric with expansion channel, controlled by a solid-state relay. The disposition of the ranks is as follows: 16′ Gedackt, Flote, 1-12, electronic, 65 pipes, balance from Gemshorn; 8′ Gemshorn, 85 pipes;  4′ Principal, GG – c49, 42 pipes, 1-7 and 50-61 = Gemshorn. Facade, 70% tin; 1 1/3′ Quinte, 37 pipes, top and bottom octaves repeat. Total of 229 pipes. Stoplist: GREAT, 8′ Gemshorn,  8′ Gedackt,  4′ Principal, 2′ Gemshorn, 1 1/3′ Quinte. POSITIV, 8′ Gemshorn, 8′ Gedackt,  4′ Flote, 2′ Gemshorn, 1 1/3′ Quinte. PEDAL, 16′ Untersatz, 8′ Gemshorn, 8′ Gedackt,  4′ Principal, 2′ Gemshorn.  A picture of the organ is available on our web site: The organ is 9′ tall x 7′ wide across the face, and approximately 4′-6″ deep with bench. We can provide transportation. ; 865-475-9539 (posted 11/18/2014)

Pipe Organ For Sale
We have an old pipe organ at our church that we don’t use anymore . It was brought to our church in the 1950’s from the San Francisco theater. Price is negotiable. For more information contact Alex at 951-212-8273. Pictures are available on request. (posted 11/17/2014)


Beautiful 12 rank Rieger Organ Voiced by Martin Pasi and built in 1981. Excellent condition. Sale will make way for larger pipe organ to fit our sanctuary.Height – 9’ 4”, Width – 10’,Depth – 5’ 10”. 12 Rank Tracker,I – 8’ Rohrflute, 4’ Principal, 2’ Flute, 2’/3’ Mixtur, II- 8’ Holzgedackt, 4’ Koppelflute, Quintlein 1 1/3’, Barpfeife 8’, Pedal 16’ Subbass, 8’ Subbass, 4’ Dolkan, Tremulant, I/II II/I coupler. The organ is in 5 main sections: a) 2 pedal towers, b) Main console, c) Glass shutter compartments, d) Foot pedal board.  $80,000 or best offer. Contact More photos and recording available. (posted 10/16/2014)





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